This is what our customers say:

Stephan, Product Engineer-

Where and how do I get components that exactly match the specifications I need for my product?

Rolf, CEO-

It is important to invest in visionary ideas. But it has to be in the right place.

Alexander, Purchasing Agent-

How do I reduce uncertainties to a minimum in my procurement process?

Kim, Industrial Designer-

How do I develop a product that visually stands out and can be produced at low costs?

This is what our customer says:

»It is important to invest in the right place.«

Rolf, CEO

As CEO, you take responsibility for the marketability and profitability of your products. When a visionary idea becomes a product launch, you are the one who monitors the entire development and all production processes under economic aspects. You have to weigh your investments and the expected profits.

We support your new project with individual services such as mechanical calculations, product development, or an innovative mechanical solution. Through our network of qualified suppliers we can also provide all technical services related to the production as a one-stop solution.

We offer strategic know-how and 10 years market experience. “Swiss engineering made in China” stands for the efficient realization of your individual products during every step of the process.