The competitiveness of a product is already
    determined during the development stage.


    With our experience in product development we understand how important it is to consider all those factors in the engineering phase. Our in-house experts for tooling & manufacturing already ensure the producibility of each component at an early stage of the engineering process. This allows us to minimize development time and production cost and enables a smooth transfer to the production phase.


    Setting goals is everything. Therefore we establish for all projects a detailed specification list. Brainstorming gives the variety of possible solutions, which will be rated and verified in the concept engineering phase. In most cases material selections, calculations and simulations are part of the engineering phase to ensure compliance with the product requirements.


    • Mechanical engineering

      • With our competence in manufacturing, both in Switzerland and China, we are capable of doing product engineering “ready for manufacturing”. After the engineering phase, plastic or metal components can directly enter the tooling stage. Assemblies are fully defined and ready for mass production. With our expertise we can ensure a smooth process from the idea to the finished product.

    • Plastic components

      • Depending on the product requirements the most suitable material is selected. During the engineering stage of plastic components we already pay attention to the tooling phase. The components are de-moldable and with gate locations, ejector marks, parting and knit lines at acceptable locations. Fill studies help determine cycle times or possible deformation caused by the injection process.

    • Integrated functions

      • We have an extensive portfolio and broad knowledge on how to integrate functions into plastic parts such as snap systems, spring functions, cam and lever mechanisms, living hinges and many more. This helps to reduce the part count as well as the assembly time.

    • Calculations and simulations

      • In many cases calculations or simulations are required to verify the products ability to comply with the defined requirements. In addition simulations are extremely useful tool to shorten the development stage. Whether it’s a parametric spread sheet, rigid body analysis or the deformation study of a component, we have the tools to ensure that the requirements can be fully met.

    • IPX protected devices

      • We have designed various IPX proof products in the consumer and industrial field. The deformation of components is a key factor for a reliable sealing result whether it is the stiffness of the housing part or the flexibility of the sealing. We are capable to run simulations to ensure customer requirements.

    • Gear engineering

      • Using the latest simulation tools we can assist you with gear calculations of various types like spur, planetary or worm gears. For plastic or powder metallurgy gears we have the capability to build prototype tools to ensure the durability of gears in an early stage of development.

    • Sheet metal engineering

      • We have wide experience in designing sheet metal components according to customer requirements. Whether it’s a spring loaded contact, deep draw parts or a stainless steel casing, we ensure that the provided data is ready for production.

    • Testing and assembly fixtures

      • We have engineered various testing fixtures to determine physical parameters, verify the functionality of components or ensure the quality at assembly lines. Easy to use and precise assembly fixtures improve the production output and quality during the assembly process. The combination of mechanical and mechatronic components together with LabView enables endless variations of assembly and testing equipment. The combination of mechanical and mechatronic components enables endless variations of assembly and testing equipment.

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    Engineering Success Stories

    Bathroom Scale

    Cost reduction and material studies combined with load simulations.

    Project Scope

    Re - engineering of an existing high end bathroom scale with the goal to reduce cost and lowering the scrap rate in mass production. The main constraint was to keep the look true to the previous model.

    Provided Service

    By simplifying the structure and manufacturing process we were able to lower the manufacturing cost by 40% while maintaining appearance and functionality. With the complete documentation of 2D&3D files and bill of material ready for manufacturing, the adjustment in the production for the new model was smooth and without problems.

    Front Panel

    Multidirectional buttons with firm and accurate touch feeling

    Project Scope

    Engineering of a front panel for a gas analyzer device. Multiple parts should be assembled in a simple and intuitive way to keep manufacturing costs at a minimum.

    Provided Service

    Thinking about the assembly process in the engineering stage is crucial for the production later on. The complete data set with 2D&3D files ready for manufacturing also include the bill of material and clear assembly instructions.

    Camera Trigger

    Engineering of high end camera equipment with challenging design and multiple functions.

    Project Scope

    Integration of all mechanical and electronic functions while maintaining the design concept. Furthermore the device must be drop proof and withstand the load of a large flash.

    Provided Service

    Based on the design file, we built up the 3D file with all relevant features for tooling and assembling. After the prototype phase to confirm all functions, the final 2D&3D drawings with all necessary manufacturing information and a bill of material were established.

    Razor Blade Cartridge

    Plastic housing with integrated living hinges

    Project Scope

    Engineering of a cartridge housing for razor blades according to customers design file and specification list. Low cost, easy to assemble, suitable for high volume mass production

    Provided Service

    Defining the right materials is a key factor for a successful product. With the combination of PP material, living hinges and snap hooks, the housing can be constructed as a single part. After the injection molding only a simple folding process is needed to form the final housing. The complete 2D&3D data ready for production, allowed a quick progress to the tooling phase.

    Acoustic Calibrator

    IP68 and intrinsically proof engineering for industrial device

    Project Scope

    Integration of all mechanical and electronic functions while following the design file. Next to the requirements IP68 and drop proof, an additional challenge was to make the product intrinsically safe to operate safely in hazardous environment with flammable gases.

    Provided Service

    Working together with the customer to fulfill all regulations & norms is an important part during the engineering stage. After that a complete set of data with 2D &3D files and a bill of material ready for manufacturing were provided.


    Simulation to determine stresses and deformation

    Project Scope

    Locate and eliminate areas of stress concentrations under maximum motor load. We have also analyzed displacements of gear components to ensure 100% functionality and efficiency under load in regard to the allowable gear tolerances.

    Provided Service

    Full FEA report with assumptions of different load cases, constraints, meshing and results. We also include proposals for improvements and show the comparisons thereof.

    Medical Bottle Gripper

    100% reliability is a must for medical devices.

    Project Scope

    Engineering of a clamping device for a medical mixing system. The device must clamp bottles with a range of 15 – 35mm with a constant and accurate force. High precision and reliability of the clamping mechanism in a clean room environment, combined with high life time expectation made this project challenging.

    Provided Service

    Brainstorming, motion analysis and force calculations were necessary to define a suitable drive system for the gripper. After modeling in 3D, working prototypes successfully passed the testing phase. Final documentation included all files ready for manufacturing with 3D&2D files and a bill of material.

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