This is what our customers say:

    Stephan, Product Engineer-

    Where and how do I get components that exactly match the specifications I need for my product?

    Rolf, CEO-

    It is important to invest in visionary ideas. But it has to be in the right place.

    Alexander, Purchasing Agent-

    How do I reduce uncertainties to a minimum in my procurement process?

    Kim, Industrial Designer-

    How do I develop a product that visually stands out and can be produced at low costs?

    This is what a customer says:


    Stephan, Product Developer

    As a product developer You are an allrounder. You have an eye for details and never lose sight of the big picture. In order to realize marketable products, You need to work with both sides: Customer and Production.

    At 4TEC the perspectives of both, manufacturers and consumers, come together. The interaction of development, production feasibility, functionality, prices and timing is well-know to our team. Reliable, but flexible enough to adjust project schedules, during unexpected correction of course, is one of our strengths. With our expertise we are happy to advise you if your idea is ready for production, or if some finetuning is needed.