We combine speed with quality
    to make the high end prototypes you need.


    At the beginning stands the idea. But soon you need something physical, real on the table.

    Be it for design verification, initial testing of a concept, exhibitions, or even a small production run, 4TEC provides high quality prototype manufacturing services.



    Cosmetic prototypes with beautiful surface finishing for an exhibition, or fully functional working prototypes out of original materials for testing are often required during the development phase.

    We chose between methods such as CNC milling, SLA&SLS or vacuum casting to find the most suitable and cost efficient process to get the job done in the shortest timeframe possible.

    For prototypes time is normally very critical. Our target is always to make the impossible possible.

    Can your project benefit from our services?

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    Prototyping Success Stories


    Fast and accurate CNC parts

    Project Scope

    Verification of function and assembly method before make the files ready for tooling

    Provided Service

    For proof of concept, quick prototype parts are often necessary. With CNC milling we produce accurate prototypes out of various materials to verify functions and assembly methods.

    In comparison to the popular 3D printing, CNC milled prototypes allow for a wider range of materials and higher accuracy.


    2-Component prototype with screw inserts

    Project Scope

    Functional and cosmetic prototype made out of hard and soft plastic material including screw inserts for full function testing.

    Provided Service

    The prototype was realized with vacuum casting in two different materials to get the desired soft touch feeling and drop protection needed. The right choice of materials, as close to mass production as possible, was essential to simulate drop tests during the development stage.

    Gear Box

    Functional gear box prototype, including motor

    Project Scope

    Production of a working prototype to compare the performance characteristics of the gear box and motor with the simulations carried out previously.

    Provided Service

    All calculations, simulations and 3D modelling lead to a successful testing phase, which was done with the functional prototype.

    Depending on the parts, different methods such as vacuum casting for the housings and sintering for the gears were used to reach the quality that represents the later mass production.

    Control knob

    Low quantity production of 20 high end control knobs

    Project Scope

    Stainless steel control knob with sandblasted finish in low quantity needed for pilot run verification.

    Provided Service

    CNC milling and sandblasted finish within 2 days for a low volume production.

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