This is what our customers say:

    Stephan, Product Engineer-

    Where and how do I get components that exactly match the specifications I need for my product?

    Rolf, CEO-

    It is important to invest in visionary ideas. But it has to be in the right place.

    Alexander, Purchasing Agent-

    How do I reduce uncertainties to a minimum in my procurement process?

    Kim, Industrial Designer-

    How do I develop a product that visually stands out and can be produced at low costs?

    This is what a customer says:


    Alexander, Purchasing Agent

    Purchasing agents have to prove their worth on a daily basis by ensuring the best quality and the most attractive procurement conditions. It is a job that requires precise calculation skills, foresight and sure instincts to achieve a balance between monetary investments, lead time, quality and risk.

    Aspiring to lower costs by selecting suitable locations with favorable production conditions is a good decision. The gap in terms of costs between Switzerland and China is steep and therefore promises a tremendous potential for savings. But how about the risk? Our daily cooperation with Chinese manufacturers and our on-site controlling allows us to offer cost-efficient production conditions with short lead times. Maintaining a high quality standard is our requirement, also for small production quantities.