Located in the center of the world’s largest industrial area, 4TEC has been cooperating with selected high quality tool makers for years. The resulting combination of high quality tools, short lead time and competitive price gives you the market advantage you need.

    „Ready for Tooling“-Strategy

    Especially during the CAD stage it is essential to have the future tool concept in mind. Otherwise, redesigns and adaptions are usually the consequence - delay and rising costs follow.

    We carefully check every 3D file for production feasibility before the tool making begins. Therefore with us you are “ready for tooling”. Our documentation during the tool process include: 2D & 3D part drawings, “Design for manufacturing” report and a full set of tool drawings. Depending on the complexity of the part, we also do mold flow analysis. Each tool production is finalized with a part submission warrant.


    The right tool concept is the foundation for high quality parts. Depending on the customer requirements the tools are produced according to local or export standards, so they can fit the corresponding markets. Like this we can support you in balancing quality and cost in your tool investment.

    4TEC tooling services include:

    • Plastic injection molding
    • Compression molding for elastomer materials
    • Aluminum, zinc and magnesium die casting
    • MIM: Metal injection molding
    • Blowmolding
    • Extrusion
    • Stamping
    • Deep drawing
    • Sintering (metals and ceramics)
    • Tooling for composite materials (GF, CF)

    Can your project benefit from our services?

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    Toolmaking Success Stories

    Overmolded Part

    Using overmold injection to set a color accent to your parts

    Project Scope

    Tooling and Production of an overmolded part for a dental device. Cost effective solution for small production volume with high quality soft component in different colors. Materials must be biocompatible according to EN ISO 10993-1.

    Provided Service

    Tooling & documentation for both hard and soft component to ensure smooth production and traceability of the material. Material procurement from our reliable raw material suppliers are the guarantee for compliance with EN ISO 10993-1.

    Protection Frame

    Mass production parts out of reliable injection tools

    Project Scope

    Establishing a workable tool concept for mass production. Core challenges are the realization of the undercut inside and non visible parting lines along the outside of the frame.

    Provided Service

    Sophisticated designs asks for innovative solutions. In this case the tool concept with 4 outside sliders and 8 inside lifters generates a collapsible core. This system allows a smooth ejection of the frame despite the undercut along the inside. After injection a rubber spray coating gives the frame a nice soft touch feeling and discreetly hides the parting lines.



    Multi captivity tool
    Muti captivity tool

    Multi cavity tool

    Low volume medical parts

    Project Scope

    Tooling and production for low quantities. Establish a cost efficient tool concept to integrate 4 parts with different order quantities and materials in one injection tool

    Provided Services

    How to keep your tool investment at a minimum, while being flexible in terms of various materials and order quantities, is one of our core capabilities. A multi-cavity tool with a turnable gate is a very cost efficient solution. Each cavity can be injected separately, allowing different parts to be produced out of only one tool.

    Closing Latch

    Zinc die-cast tools and production

    Project Scope

    Tooling and production of zinc die casted latch. Using pearl chrome plating for creating a high quality cosmetic look

    Provided Services

    Die casting process often requires time consuming polishing and CNC post-processing. A high quality tool helps minimizing these steps, resulting in lower production costs. In addition, surface finishing processes such as chrome plating will yield lower scrap rates.

    TPE-Sealing Parts

    Injection molding of a complex TPE sealing

    Project Scope

    Tooling and production of TPE-Sealing Material requirements: TPE with Shore A 50 and flame rating according to UL94-V0

    Provided Service

    Every component and its way to mass production is unique. Especially with plastic materials, additives and color pigments can cause undesired effects during injection. With our network of professional raw material suppliers we were able to tackle the problems efficiently and to customer’s satisfaction. Besides professional tooling and production service, technical support is an important part of every product development.

    Upper Housing

    Generate a soft touch feeling using overmold injection

    Project Scope

    Tooling and production of the housings parts for a medical breath analyzer. The use of a high grade, dirt repellant TPE material should create a comfortable touch and grip feeling. In addition the use of soft material should allow for an integrated push button solution with an electronic On/Off switch inside.

    Provided Service

    Consultation during the design phase helps to decide which manufacturing process is suitable to reach the necessary requirements. Tooling phase and production always come with a full set of documentation, such as measuring reports, material certificates and injection parameters.

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